Dear Friends,

In Psalm 96 we read “Sing to the Lord a new song, for great is the Lord and most worthy of praise”.  For the past 45 years plus, we have been grateful to be ministers in music, singing praises to, worshiping and lifting high the name of Jesus.  Over these years God has loved and cared for us and our families as we endeavored to be faithful doing whatever we could to advance the gospel through music and spoken word in both Canada and the USA.  We have witnessed lives being transformed, re-ignited, encouraged and saved due to the working of the Holy Spirit as we gave of our best.  It has been a season rich in blessings and has deepened our resolve to serve where asked.  And continue to serve we shall, as we move on to the next chapter in ministry on an individual and sometime together basis.

We sincerely say, “Thank You!”, for all the love, support and encouragement you have been to us as The Living Lights, The Master’s, Revised Edition, and most recently, “Days of Grace”.  It is our hope and prayer that you stand firm in your faith, fulfilling the call of Jesus on your life, as we seek God’s best during these final days of grace.

Keith & Ken Deyo